Not only do we offer the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry, we try to prevent problems BEFORE they happen.  Delivering a consistent quality product in the maid service industry is a unique challenge.  Why?  Every customer has a unique home and unique expectations.  So how do we achieve a 97% customer satisfaction rate?

  1. We attract the best employees—and keep them.  We offer full benefits, health insurance, a company car and a living wage.  The investment pays off in an extremely low staff turnover.  And we can focus on training, not re-training.

  1. We utilize a team approach.  And each person checks the other.  It just makes sense, two sets of eyes are better than one.

Our dedicated office staff will track your special needs, pet peeves perhaps, in a computerized database and deliver it to our team lead before each visit. The team has your special instructions in your home at their fingertips.

  1. We assign our clients by team lead. Because we have such a low staff turnover, we assign you to one team and keep that team in your home.  Employees that are familiar with your home work more efficiently and do a better job.

  1. We employ a full time quality assurance manager. Her job consists of preventing complaints before they happen. 

  1. If you ever have a complaint you will set a whole cycle of events into motion.

    -First, we fix the problem for free.
  2. -Second, we update your database file. 
  3. -Third, we counsel our team lead before your next visit.
  4. -Fourth, our QA manager visits your home.
  5. -Lastly, you receive a follow up call from our office manager.

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